From Bees to Beauty, The Story Behind HGO's Fresh New Look

The funny thing about change is, it’s essential if we want to remain true to ourselves. It sounds like a contradiction but in actuality, we maintain our health and beauty by actively embracing change and allowing it to enhance who we are. Honey Girl Organics is committed to this evolution for our collective highest good.  And as we do-- we remain, true to you. 

​From Bees to Beauty

Nothing looks as good as healthy feels. When you feel healthy, your natural beauty glows from the inside out. It’s that simple.

Honey Girl Organics was founded by raw foodists Gwen, Anthony and Christina. They have spent their lives cultivating a lifestyle of health and wellness. Clean eating is the foundation-- but that encompasses much more than the food consumed. 60% of the products we put on our bodies are absorbed into the skin.  Knowing this, the founders felt it was essential to create a skin care line using only pure, organic and natural ingredients: Whole foods that the skin will welcome and absorb, benefitting all the amazing processes and systems our dynamic bodies perform.

We like to think of health as a verb, a dynamic process that is on-going and ever-changing. To experience the best version of ourselves, we commit to healthy practices using products made from and inspired by nature. Our skin’s optimal health is maintained by nourishing, cleansing and refreshing it. This shows up in how we look and feel and is seen in the health and beauty of our skin. Of course, whatever we cultivate internally radiates to our outer world. This is true for each and every one of us, as it is for our company as a whole. 

Our New Look

To be true to you, we commit to being true to ourselves. As such, you’ll notice that Honey Girl Organics has a fresh new look!  Of course you can count on the same beautiful green products, none of our formulas have changed, but our new packaging reflects what’s actually in them. Allow us to say more… 

You see, it all started with the honeybee. The honeybee gathers the pure essence of the flower; it’s beauty, vivacity and health. The vital properties of flowers are transformed by honeybees into raw organic honey, beeswax, pollen and propolis.  These superfoods for the skin and body are the essential ingredients in our formulas; they are what makes our skin care so life-enhancing. It only makes sense that the honeybee is displayed front and center on all our products, and so now it is with our new logo! 

To complement our new logo, you’ll see our packaging reflects the golden honey, beeswax, and botanicals within. Additionally, you’ll find we’ve replaced our plastic travel cases with cloth. A more sustainable choice that is consistent with our commitment to produce less waste and mālama our Aina! 

As we strive to be the best version of ourselves, we will  continue to evolve as a company. As long as we stay true to our source, the golden light of nectar our honeybees offer us day in and day out, we know we can't go wrong.

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