No Tricks, All Treats

No Tricks, All Treats

How to help your skin survive Halloween

by Tiffany Shelton

Happy Halloween Honey Girl Crew! If it isn’t obvious, I am super excited for Halloween. Halloween is my personal favorite holiday. I love dressing up, going out, and eating tons of candy. Because of my pregnancy, I didn’t get to indulge in all my favorites last year. I spent last Halloween morning in my OB’s office and the evening in my bathroom. But, I was all the healthier for it. Last year had been the first year I didn’t cake my face with Halloween makeup, or sit around a scary movie eating a bucket of Halloween treats. I didn’t wake up groggy from overindulgence, or sticky from hair sprays and makeup. I did wake up sickly, but I blame that on the baby bump.  

While Halloween can be fun, let’s face it: it is a nightmare for your skin.

Between the candy, alcohol, makeup, hair sprays, hair dyes, and more, Halloween is a skin terror. It’s nice to indulge from time to time, but Halloween calls for me to dive headfirst into all those temptations. Before I started a skincare regime, Halloween would always result in breakouts and dry skin for me the next day. This would last about two weeks, trying to repair my pores with over-the-counter creams. I used to leave drugstore brand Halloween makeup on overnight. I’d spend the next morning over the bathroom sink desperately trying to get it off.

For a long time, I thought that was the way it is. Thanks to Honey Girl, I know so much more, and feel so much better about my face. Halloween does not have to be a graveyard for our skin.  

The key to skin-survival this Halloween is to not be lazy. A few years ago this was me, leaving on makeup overnight (I can still see the stains on my pillows). Keep up that routine, because it will pay off on Halloween. One bad night could break off those good habits that keep your skin looking and feeling young.

If you don’t already have a skincare regimen, here’s some tips on how to navigate through that spooky night.

  • Pregame Hydration

  • No, I am not talking about pregaming that Halloween party. It is essential to make sure your face is properly hydrated before all the makeup and colors go on. This will keep your skin from cracking and drying throughout the night.

    If you’re like me and didn’t pay top-dollar for professional grade makeup, there are likely lots of chemicals riddled in that rainbow powder. These makeups are hardly regulated and are known for causing skin issues. In fact, the FDA only regulates the color additives in over-the-counter Halloween makeups. Get your skin ready.

    TIP: Make sure to drink plenty of water the day before. Keep using those daily moisturizers.

    I personally love to use HoneyGlo because of the rosehip seed oil. My skin is prone to dryness and rosehip has essential fatty acids known to correct and hydrate. If you plan to paint your body, I suggest using The Lotion or Body Crème the night before in those areas. My friends like to keep it simple with a Face and Eye Crème. Pick your poison.

  • Keeping it Clean

  • Once Halloween day is here, it is so easy to just dive right into all that makeup! But it is important to keep the skin clean before the makeup goes on. Halloween makeup can clog your pores, and if there is already oil on your skin, you could exasperate the process.

    TIP: Use a facial cleanser before and after putting on Halloween makeup.

    Be sure to use a gentle cleanser as most Halloween makeup contains harsh chemicals. Chemicals on chemicals can and do damage important skin cells.

    I’ll be using Honey Girl’s Foaming Facial Wash for my pre-clean. It clears my skin of oils and doesn’t leave any byproducts on my skin. For my post-clean I will be using the Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover. The natural olive oil and beeswax combination is great for melting off face-paint while also rehydrating my tired-out skin.

  • Hair. Hair. Hair.

  • And nails! But definitely do not forget to take care of that hair. Hair gets dyed, trimmed, and mangled everyday. It is easy to forget that hair is a part of your skin health. With all the effort going into how our makeup looks on Halloween night, most of us will also be sure to style our hair to match. A lot of us will be going to the store and picking up a temporary hair dye or a hair color spray can. Anyone who has done this knows that these products make hair dry, frizzy, and unmanageable. Hair is an integral part of your skincare, so here’s a few extra tips to beat the Halloween heat.

    TIP #1: Go for organic dyes or chalks whenever possible.

    You don’t want toxins seeping into your scalp, especially if you’re unable to wash it off right away.

    TIP #2: Treat yourself with a deep condition and Hair Serum afterwards.

    Honey Girl’s Serum Hair Treat is always my go-to whenever my hair is frizzed. Their serum contains peppermint oil, which not only refreshes hair, but stimulates hair growth and increases blood circulation on the scalp. Halloween hair products can irritate the scalp, and the serum counteracts that. It’s also soothing if your hair dyes made your scalp unbearably itchy.

    TIP #3: Lay off the heat for a bit.

    Growing up, my sister would always tell me this one. If you are planning on styling your hair with curling or flat irons, try to give it a break the next day. Many hair stylists will tell you that heat damage is irreversible. Give your hair a natural break after that wild night.   

  • Detoxing

  • Once the fun is over, it’s time to get your body back into a groove. Your skin and body has literally been shocked through the costume process. I’d be lying if I said I never woke up feeling sick or having blisters on my skin after a long Halloween night.

    If you’re like me and you have to work the next day, I treat myself to a long bath with a facial mask in the evening. A warm bath improves blood circulation, while the mask removes any debris I missed and reinvigorates my facial epidermis. Try mixing a few drops of honey into your bath. This is a natural way to rehydrate and repair while also leaving you smelling sweet.   

    Take time the next day to let your body breathe. Wear loose clothes, drink a nourishing fruit smoothie, do a few stretches. Take care of your skin by omitting makeup for a day, or going very light. The skin is a very powerful organ and with a bit of assistance, it can heal itself. Your body will thank you.

    Honey Girl Organics offers a lot of products that come in handy this Halloween season. I’ve already grabbed my bag of goodies to help me this holiday. Don’t let Halloween trick you this year. Pick up your bag of treats from HGO to protect your skin. Use promo code SPOOKY at checkout for 20% off your order!

    And one last TIP for you, try not to eat all that candy at once ;)


    Honey Girl Tiffany Shelton

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