Happy Thanksgiving


by Tiffany Shelton

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so happy to share this day with you all. Today is filled with mouth-watering foods and good company, but it can also be so busy. I tried to buy some last minute items on Wednesday evening...forget about it. So if you are rushing around preparing your Thanksgiving Feast and still clicked this blog, I sincerely thank you. I’ve included a few Thanksgiving Tips to keep your family members and kids busy while you work, so keep reading!

Every Thursday, we’ve been exploring things to be thankful for. I am thankful for the organic farmers and beekeepers not only for their hard labors, but for making Honey Girl Organics possible. Organic farmers provide us with organic crop, from which we can extract organic essential oils. Beekeepers spend tons of time tending to the needs of their colonies so that they can produce sturdy honeycombs saturated with sweet honey. These two professions play a vital role in our skin care, and we wouldn’t go far without them.

But we also appreciate those around us, which is why I started this blog series highlighting those who lift me up. Sometimes we forget to be thankful for the stranger (such as a nurse, a teacher, or a blogger) who helps us through tough times. I’ll never forget the nurses who encouraged me during labor. Their job is just to make sure I deliver well, but they literally held my hand through it! 

To celebrate this holiday, the Honey Girl Organics crew wanted to share what they were thankful for to everyone. Here are some of them:

“I am so thankful for moving here (Hawai’i), and finding such great friends at work.” Jerilyn Perry, Office Manager

“I’m thankful for everyone’s opinion, because it creates differences, and differences are fun.” Ian Carey, Finishing Room Assistant

“I’m thankful for all the people around me.” Keone Amundson, Production Staff

“I am thankful for love.” Justine Cambra, Production Staff

“I’m thankful for FaceTime because it allows me to connect with my family and friends all over the world.” Candice Meyers, Sales

“I am super thankful for all of our Honey Girl Ohana!” Lisa Bush, General Manager

This Thanksgiving season, we at Honey Girl Organics have been reflecting on the things and people that make our lives special. As a team, we decided that this November would be filled Thankful Thursdays. It wasn’t just limited to this blog series. We’ve been doing team strengthening games and fun activities that not only build our synergy, but remind us why we are all here. These activities are not only great for team building, but for families looking for fun things to do on Thanksgiving.   

We each did a “50 things I love” sheet. It was more difficult to think of fifty things than you might think.

Thanksgiving Tip: Try challenging your children or family members to think of fifty things they love! It will definitely keep the kids busy while preparing dinner. Here are some highlights from our crew:

Our assistant Ian got very existential with his, showing his thanks for philosophy, landscapes, and consciousness.

Our social media star Leilani got crazy colorful. Coffee and cats are some things I love especially too!

Our veteran staff member Johnny went out of the box--literally. He made his own poetic “things I love” sheet. We definitely appreciated the creativeness and love the aesthetic!

We also wanted to thank each other. Work is always better with great co-workers! So we secretly picked someone and drew a crown to honor them.

Thanksgiving Tip: This is another great activity for families. Bring out the markers and print a few of these crow outlines up (many are available for free on google), and ask your kids to make a crown for someone in the house! They will have fun coloring while also thinking about what the other person might like on their crown. These crowns are also easy to tape together, if you wanted to take it a step further and wear them!

This is the crown I received. I’m away from work a lot since the birth of my child, so this crown was very touching. It made me feel so grateful to have amazing co-workers.

As we venture further into the holiday season, cinnamon and nutmeg warm the air. Though Thanksgiving is ending, we never want to stop being thankful so.

To the strangers that do small kindnesses, thank you!

To any and all organic farmers and beekeepers for all your labors, thank you!  

To our Honey Girl Organics staff for your dedication and hard work, thank you!

This Thankful Thursday blog series is about to come to an end, but we don’t want to stop being appreciative. Above all, Honey Girl Organics wants to thank its customers, both new and old.

Our Honey Girl Organics crew wouldn’t be here without you. On behalf of our entire team, we’d like to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and a heartfelt thank you for your support! Mahalo nui loa. Hau’oli la ho’omaika’i.

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