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Emma J. Purvey Actress and Print Model

As an actress and print model I need my skin to work for me. Heavy make-up, combined with the fact I live in a city certainly challenges my skin. So it goes without saying I expect a lot from my skincare. I have used Honey Girl Organics for just over a week now and I already see the difference in my skin. I've also had numerous compliments on how radiant, supple and gorgeous my skin looks. Following a recent shoot, I had to remove very heavy, … Read More >


Sue Nixon Model

It seemed that I would never find the right product for my ultra-dry, super-sensitive skin until I found Honey Girl Organics at a local health food store. I'm using the Honey Girl cleanser, facial scrub, the sensitive skin eye and face cream, and rejuvenating mask. With other (very expensive) skincare cleansers and creams, I always got some kind of chemical burn and flaking. My daughter says that my skin glows!!! Thank you so much! Sue … Read More >


Cindy Joseph Model and Former Makeup Artist

In my 23-year career in the fashion and beauty industry as a makeup artist, I had many opportunities to test the myriad of skin care products on the market. Most products fall into two categories. The first group are highly processed and packed with unsafe chemicals, and the second usually includes many herbs and so-called natural ingredients. In choosing a product I apply all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over my career, … Read More >

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