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10 Tips For Beautiful Skin

Posted by Sarina Erstad on

With so many skin care and beauty products to choose from, our daily routine for applying products is getting more and more complicated. So, what is really the best approach to achieving healthy glowing skin? It might be easier than you think!

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YES!!! All Of Your Favorite Ingredients Are Still In Our New Organic Creams!

Posted by Christina Sirlin on

What are the ingredients in the newly USDA certified organic Honey Girl Organic creams and why do they look different on the label than the original ones?

Our customers want to know, so here is the real scoop!

it's in the beeswaxOur organic skin creams still contain the beeswax, pollen, propolis, honey & royal jelly that you have come to depend on. USDA organic labeling regulations dictate that we can only list pollen, propolis and royal jelly on the ingredients panel when we add them separately, like as an extract in our Facial Toner.


Our certified organic golden beeswax is of the finest quality you will find and has naturally occurring pollen and propolis in it more than ever. It is a golden wax, much like the sun, with the sweet aroma of honey. The original color of all beeswax is creamy white. The golden color occurs when foraging worker bees bring nectar, pollen and propolis into the hives. These ingredients get absorbed into the creamy white beeswax, staining it to its deep golden color.

Where is the ROYAL JELLY??

We are using 100% organic honey sourced from one of our Hawaiian apiaries where the bees forage mostly on organically grown Wilelaiki (Christmas Berry) blossoms. The organic honey is used in its raw form to provide you with the most available nutrition, including the naturally occurring royal jelly.

Once again, since it’s not a separately added ingredient, we cannot list it on the organic label.

We hope this answers your questions. If you have more, please contact us right away.

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We are very interested in helping you know what you are putting on (and in!) your body!

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