Sun, Wind & Moona

​A fickle day for a photoshoot.  Wind, rain, and a feisty ocean, King Neptune seemed to awaken right before our very eyes after his summer nap.  And yet, Moona, glowing in the elements, was as cool as could be. For those who know her, that’s not surprising. Moona Whyte, 3-time world kite-boarding champion, University of HI graduate, entrepreneur, and Honey Girl Organics Ambassador has accomplished much in her 25 years-- and she takes it all in stride.  I was excited to have a morning with Moona to see what makes this Honey Girl tick. 

Honey Girls Jaden Pang and Moona Whyte. Photo by Katie Metzger

Moona is an obvious choice, a perfect fit for an Ambassador of Honey Girl Organics.  She’s a North Shore local, a bright and talented natural beauty whose active lifestyle is beautifully captured on her absolutely stunning Instagram Feed.  23 thousand followers, myself included, are treated to a mini tropical holiday every time we give it a scroll-- swaying palm trees, crystal-clear waters and rad kite-boarding shots are a delight for the eyes.

Moona, in her element. Photo credit: Stephan Kleinlein​

But that’s not all it’s about for Honey Girls.  Living organically, with a respect for and connection to nature is essential.  And, it’s a quality that shows up not just in pretty pictures, it affects all aspects of life, right down to one’s skin care.  Less is more when it comes to Moona.  And less is more when it comes to Honey Girl Organics.  After all, the quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” coined by Leonardo Da Vinci, is a mantra at HGO.  A golden jar of raw organic honey is liquid perfection, there’s really no way to improve upon it. Moona, like most HGO customers value skin care made from ingredients created by nature:

"I've been using chemical skin care products for most of my life - acne face washes, drugstore brand lotions, toothpastes, soaps, etc. and more recently I've realized how harmful a lot of the ingredients in these products can be. So I decided to get rid of everything with ingredients that I couldn't pronounce. When I tried HGO for the first time, I was amazed how well the face wash worked, and how good the lotions and cremes felt on my skin. And then seeing they were made of things like honey, olive oil, aloe vera... things that you can actually eat and are good for you, I was so excited because I knew I found something that I could finally feel good about using. Plus, I always hated the artificial smells of other products, even ones advertised as 'natural'. I absolutely love the natural, soft, subtle smells of everything from HGO."

Moona using the new HGO Protect Stick. Photo by Sarina Erstad

Choosing products that are good for oneself and the planet is a conscious choice, and for Moona- it’s the only way to go.  She’s in the water practically as much as she’s on land. Using skin care that would harm the reef and other marine-life is not an option.  Honey Girl Organics is a natural choice; it’s 100% free of parabens, synthetics, artificial fragrances and chemicals of any kind— (including oxybenzone which kills coral reef!)  And, it brings out the radiant glow in Moona; she seems to shine from the inside out.  When asked which HGO product is her favorite she responded, "I love them all! --But the ones I use the most are probably the After Sun Lotion and Protect Stick. I spend a lot of time in the sun, so the Protect Stick is perfect for light protection in the early morning or evening, and After Sun Lotion for daily rejuvenation."

Moona at Turtle Bay. Photo by Katie Metzger​

There’s something mysterious about Moona.  See, the thing is, “simplicity” is deep.  Like the ocean, like Moona.  And it’s not always easy to describe in words.  And for Moona that’s just fine.  Her life is her expression, it’s art in motion. 

Moona in the flow. Photo credit: John Bilderback

Someone recently mentioned that every person possesses an “unfair advantage.”  The quality that sets that person apart from everybody else.  One might venture to say Moona’s unfair advantage is having a dad who’s a world champion windsurfer; a man who taught her the ways of the wind.  One could also add that her “unfair advantage” is that she grew up on the beach. Her “backyard” is considered one of the best kiteboarding spots on the islands. But, if you ask me, Moona’s unfair advantage is something simpler, something deeper.  And it’s not really “unfair” either because we can all have it.  Moona lets life unfold naturally, and as a result her life is “simply,” well, --beautiful.

When I asked how this 3-time world champ trains for her kiteboarding competitions, her response was simple, "I surf and kite. ...when the wind is up, I kitesurf.  When the waves are small I longboard.”  She laughs and adds, “When the waves are ‘junk’ I can still foil and have a lot of fun.”  There’s always something nature provides, and flowing with it, without expectation or attachment seems to be Moona’s magic. 

The essence of green beauty! Photo by Katie Metzger

I asked Moona about her recent travels, the last trip was to Mauritius, a small island near Madagascar.  Accompanied by her boyfriend, Keahi De Aboitiz also a professional kiteboarder, the pair were there to compete in the elite wave tour’s GKA World Championships.  Both won their divisions. Seems so fairytale like! As mentioned, Moona clinched her 3rd world title as well! When I asked more about it, Moona humbly spoke less about that accolade and instead shared some of her insights about the sport.  “It’s a really small group of women who compete.  At that event there were about 40 men and 14 women.”  She talked about how more events are being added to the tour, and she and the other women competitors "are excited for the added challenge."  And for Moona, stoked for the opportunity to travel more.  "I love getting to see new places and meet new people." Can’t blame her-- getting to discover far off distant islands and sharing that experience with her boyfriend has got to be pretty dreamy. 

Living the dream, is for Moona-- less about reaching and stretching and pushing yourself.  For this Honey Girl, it’s about letting the wind take you away, and enjoying the ride as you go. 

You can follow Moona on her Instagram @moonawhyte