Light it up Lexy!

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Meet Lexy.  She's one of the best "flow artists" (aka fire dancers) on the Hawaiian Islands, and, one of the best sales managers we could ever ask for!  By day she runs the HGO office taking your calls and orders,
by night-- she lights up the sky!  

Here's a little more about our Honeygirl Lexy...

What's the best part of working at HGO?
Lexy: "Knowing that you're putting a great product out there, and that it's helping people. Some of the best moments in my day are talking to people who call and share how our products have changed their lives. People who have suffered from eczema or rosacea, and have been able to heal."  

How long have you been fire dancing?
Lexy: "I started hooping about 7 years ago and then 3 years ago I submerged myself into the fire flow community. I love playing with hula-hoops, my dragon staff, and being able to express different feelings and emotions through the art of dance through flow.  It's a great way to release energy and refocus chi.  It tests my boundaries and helps me grow as an artist and as a person."

What kind of changes have you seen at HGO over the last few years? 
Lexy: "Since I started 3 1/2 years ago, we've increased production and sales. We used to contact vendors to carry our products, now it's the other way around. Also, we went from a 'Made with Organic' category to 'Certified Organic' category, which was a significant change, and a nice feather in our cap." 

What's your favorite HGO Product?
Lexy: "Definitely the Night Creme Extra Sensitive. I love the consistency, it's nice texture, it helps heal and regenerate my sensitive skin when I get the occasional burn.  It works really well on my scars from fire dancing. I like that it doesn't have a scent. I put fragrances on the rest of my body but not my face.  It's just my preference.  I like it simple and clean on my face."

Any last thoughts?
Lexy: "Long live the bees ;) !!"


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