A Smart Skin Care Routine

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It’s that time of year! Back to school! If you’ve had a chance to take advantage of the pleasures of summer, i.e. sleeping in, beach days, vacations, and road-trips--  it can actually feel good to get back on a schedule. Planning the calendar and organizing the days around your new activities, classes and events can be exciting as you gear up for all the opportunities of the season. Before you dive in however, it makes sense to step back and set up a smart skin care routine that will help your skin look and feel its best as you face the demands of school, work and life.  

There’s a popular saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Now that’s a bit harsh and no one’s grading your skin care program. The point is, life is busy.  And-- if you’re like most people, it’s about to get busier. There’s no time to waste on deciding what products to use in the morning. The reality is, you’ll probably use what’s there. So make sure what you have on hand is going to give you the results you want for your skin. To do that, it’s wise to set up a skin care routine that will work for your skin type and new schedule. Take inventory of what you have, as well as what you need-- and be sure to take advantage of our Back-to-School Sale to stock up!

Before you go back-to-school shopping for your skin care products, we have a little bit of homework for you. :) Nothing too demanding. We just want you to get the most out of your skin care routine and asking yourself a few simple questions will help.

(1) What’s your daily schedule like? And, when will you make time to care for your skin?

Tip: It might help to organize your skin care program by time of day, more specifically -morning, noon, and night.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind. First, make sure to set aside time to cleanse properly in the morning as your skin sheds tens of thousands of cells during the night. Second, always follow with a moisturizer that will provide the right amount of hydration for your skin type. Third, remember that for your moisturizers and serums to work, they need to absorb into the skin, that’s why starting and ending the day with a fresh clean face is key!  

(2) What type of skin do you have?  

Tip: if you don’t know what type of skin you have, it’s important to determine that first of course. Most people know, but what they don’t realize is-- all of us have sensitive skin around our eyes. So, take extra-care when using products on this delicate skin. 

(3) What’s working now?  

Tip: Start with what’s going right. Take inventory of all that’s good!

What do you like about your skin? What products are enhancing your natural beauty? What positive changes have you observed in your skin and what do you attribute that to? What’s your favorite products and are you using them at the ideal times for your new schedule?

(4) What’s not working?

Tip: (Same but different). It’s just as important to take inventory of what’s not working because you’ll continue to get the same results if you don’t remove these roadblocks.  

Does your eye makeup remover take away all that sticky mascara or do you find yourself scrubbing and rubbing your eyes? Does your skin feel soft or do you need to increase how often you exfoliate? Have you noticed reactions to certain products you use? Artificial fragrances are a loophole in the skincare industry as they are unregulated. Be cautious and read labels to avoid them and all toxic ingredients. Do you have products taking up space on your shelf that you don’t use? If so, get rid of them and make room for what actually works!

(5) What do you want to change about your skin?

Tip: Set some skin care goals!

Are you generally blemish-free or would you benefit from a cleanser that could address that better? What about texture? Do you like the way your skin feels or do you need a good facial scrub to soften skin and lessen the appearance of large pores? Are you drinking enough water during the course of the day? Hydration is key both internally and externally.

The lazy days of summer are almost over. Don’t distress too much. We can soften the blow with our Back-to-School Sale! Now that you’re equip with the knowledge you need to setup a custom skin-care routine, you can come out on top!

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