HGO's Guide to Men's Skincare

HGO's Guide to Men's Skincare

Move over, Honey Girls. This one is for the guys! At HGO, we believe that everyone deserves happy skin. Whether you’re looking to level up your own manscaping game or hoping to guide the special guy in your life along an enlightening skincare journey, we’ve got just what you need.

Read on to learn all about our honey-based skincare essentials made just for men.

Facial Toner

We know what you’re thinking. Do men really need a toner? If your goal is better skin, then the simple answer is YES! Toner is key to nourishing and improving the appearance of every type of skin.

Made with organic ingredients, our Facial Toner will brighten and tone the skin, leaving it cleansed and healthy. Simply spritz after cleansing or shaving for instant hydration and balance. 

Honey Girl Tip: Our toner is multi-functional! Use as an aftershave, body spray or after cleansing with our Foaming Facial Wash or Facial Cleanser. 

ManKine Face & Body Lotion

When it comes to healthy skin, moisture is king. But let’s be real – no guy wants to spend his precious time applying multiple products to achieve this. That’s why we created ManKine – a Face & Body Lotion designed to leave skin soft, smooth and ultra-hydrated in just one step. Plus, with hints of organic cypress and bergamot, the masculine scent is sure to be a hit.

Did we mention ManKine can be used as an aftershave, too? We love a multi-tasking product! 

Super Skin Food

This one is for the tough guys. Designed with the most challenging skin in mind, our Super Skin Food is packed with beehive products, organic essential oils, and vitamin E. This rich cream works to repair damaged skin, heal problem spots, reduce the appearance of scars and lighten dark spots. There’s not much this rich cream can’t do. 

Honey Girl Tip: Use on problem areas such as dry, cracked, rough skin, eczema, psoriasis, and burns. Or on your face for a super moisturizing and healing experience. 

Lip Balm 

Last but certainly not least – our Lip Balm, because dry lips affect us all equally. Our Lip Balm soothes dry lips and locks in moisture to leave your lips feeling silky and smooth year-round. Don’t fret, though. The all-natural formula works its healing magic without being glossy.


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