Fall Skincare: 7 Tips for Glowing Skin This Season

Fall Skincare: 7 Tips for Glowing Skin This Season

Bring on the cooler, cozier weather – autumn is in the air! As we transition from swimwear to sweaters, it’s essential that we also remember to switch up our beauty routines, too. After all, it’s the only way to keep that summer glow going strong all fall long. 

Keep your skin healthy this season with these fall skincare tips!

1 – Stay Hydrated…

Gone are the days of humid summer air. As we transition into the dryer days of fall, keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to avoid tight, flaky, skin.

The key? A hydrating cleanser and a rich moisturizer.

Cleansers can be abrasive. Opt for a water-based product to cleanse and add moisture without irritating delicate skin. Our Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover is packed full of vitamins + minerals to leave your skin silky smooth and refreshed.

But don’t be fooled – just because it’s gentle doesn’t mean it’s weak! This cleanser removes makeup, dirt, excess oils and even stubborn false eyelash glue!

2 – … And Moisturized

One of the easiest ways to care for your skin during these cooler months is by moisturizing frequently. Now is the time to swap your lightweight moisturizer with a thicker, nutrient-full formula.

Enter our ultra-hydrating Matte! Made with organic jojoba oil and shea butter, this cream is less oily and greasy than similar products. These pure, nourishing ingredients moisturize and protect the skin, leaving behind a natural glow without any shine.

3 – Add a Serum

Add another layer of moisture to your skincare routine with a vitamin-rich serum to deeply penetrate and provide instant hydration.

Our HoneyGlo Regenerating Serum replenishes skin with a special blend of 5 organic plant-based oils packed with potent ingredients that will enhance skin tone and lock in moisture.

Vitamin C and enriched with beehive ingredients and potent essential oils. Apply a few drops after cleansing and toning to promote collagen production and cellular renewal for more supple skin and a beautiful healthy glow.

4 – Exfoliate in Moderation

Fall often brings dull, rough skin. Treat these symptoms of dry air with gentle exfoliation. Keyword: gentle!

Excessive daily scrubbing can cause further irritation. Instead, add a non-abrasive exfoliant, like our Facial Scrub, to your routine 2-3 times per week. 

Made with finely granulated cane sugar, diatomaceous earth, coconut oil, aloe butter + raw Hawaiian honey, our Facial Scrub gingerly buffs away dryness and leaves behind soft, dewy skin.

5 – Make Body Lotion Your BFF

With wardrobes changing and less skin showing, it’s easy to neglect those lesser-seen body parts. But, moisturizing often and all over is pivotal in maintaining beautiful skin this season. Add a generous amount of body lotion to your post-shower ritual to seal in moisture and prevent dryness, redness, or flakiness. 

We recommend our Body Crème or The Lotion – two of our best-selling, all-natural creams designed to protect and heal the skin from head to toe. 

6 – Don’t Skimp on Sun Protection

Summer is gone, but our need for SPF is here to stay. In fact, sun protection should be worn every day, regardless of the season or the forecast!

That's right – rain, snow, wind or sun... Your skin needs protection to prevent sunburns and free radical damage that accelerates aging. Swipe on our skin-friendly and reef-safe Protect stick each day to filter out harmful elements no matter the weather.

 7 – Show Your Lips Some Love

Our least favorite autumn accessory? Chapped lips. Prevent dry, cracked lips by showing them some TLC sooner rather than later. Keep our Lip Balm Stick on hand to offer on-the-go hydration and protection, as well as soothing relief for already damaged lips.

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