Toxin–free USDA Certified Organic Clean Beauty

"It’s Food for your Skin – if you wouldn’t eat it, why wear it?"

the Founders

A little goes a long way

Organic ingredients your skin understands

Your best accessory is always your glowing skin

Honey Girl - one of the world’s first USDA organic certified organic skincare companies makes nutrient – rich skincare with exceptional ingredients found in nature. A combination of science and nature to have naturally beautiful skin.

  • "I love this mask. Favorite ever. Good for all skin types. I have cystic acne & the ingredients are perfect to pull hydration and plumpness to my skin and increase circulation. Also the smell is so delicious! & it’s such a clean product!"
    S.M New York

  • "Third jar and no end in sight! My face loves this stuff! I have dryer skin and this is a total winner. It’s emollient but not greasy and I really feel like it’s helped with fine lines too!"
    P.G. Virginia

  • "I use the Rose Serum and the Face & Eye Cream in the morning, and the Honey Glo serum followed by Night Cream at night. Their products are worth every penny."

  • "I just purchased your face scrub the other day and it's fantastic! My skin felt so silky smooth and I'm so impressed. As a cosmetologist, and a beauty junkie I've tried just about everything out there. I will use this forever."
    H.A. California

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Organic Green Beauty with Aloha

As one of the first green beauty skincare companies, we are devoted to skincare that is as healthy and as safe as the best organic food available.