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I am an assistant vitamin & supplement buyer in the Wellness Dept. at Healthy Living Market & Café in Burlington, VT. I am very excited that (thanks to our Wellness Dept. skin care buyer) we now carry your products! As a breast cancer survivor, I have very sensitive skin and adverse reactions to many skin care products. When I tried your Face and Eye Cream, it was love at first touch! I have several friends who are dedicated bee keepers and I am happily sharing your website with them in addition to my Facebook friends and our discerning customers at Healthy Living!

Aloha, Janice DeCooman

"I am licensed esthetician so You can imagine how many different products i had a chance to try out in my carrier ! and Yours are absolute decadent superb the best ! love them"

Joanna Pollner Stamper

sue nixon & daughter
It seemed that I would never find the right product for my ultra-dry, super-sensitive skin until I found Honey Girl Organics at a local health food store. I'm using the Honey Girl cleanser, facial scrub, the sensitive skin eye and face cream, and rejuvenating mask. With other (very expensive) skincare cleansers and creams, I always got some kind of chemical burn and flaking. My daughter says that my skin glows!!! Thank you so much!

Sue Nixon




Cindy Joseph

In my 23-year career in the fashion and beauty industry as a makeup artist, I had many opportunities to test the myriad of skin care products on the market. Most products fall into two categories. The first group are highly processed and packed with unsafe chemicals, and the second usually includes many herbs and so-called natural ingredients.

In choosing a product I apply all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over my career, deciphering the long list of ingredients and eliminating what is unsafe or not necessary. I have found that the more complex the theory, the higher the price, and the less the product does for me. Second, I drop all intellectual decision-making and use only my senses, including intuition. Honey Girl Organics says “yes” in all categories. They use very few ingredients; only what is necessary. Honey Girl Organics Crèmes feel good, look good and smell good. My skin drinks up the luscious, rich mixture. I would recommend these products to anyone. They are a delightful pleasure to use and they get the job done!

Thank you Anthony, Gwen and Christina!

Cindy Joseph
Model and Former Makeup Artist

Emma Purvey

As an actress and print model I need my skin to work for me. Heavy make-up, combined with the fact I live in a city certainly challenges my skin. So it goes without saying I expect a lot from my skincare. I have used Honey Girl Organics for just over a week now and I already see the difference in my skin. I've also had numerous compliments on how radiant, supple and gorgeous my skin looks.

Following a recent shoot, I had to remove very heavy, waterproof eyeliner and the facial cleanser took it off effortlessly. Being able to use a cleanser that not only cleans my face but is gentle enough for my very sensitive eyes is a major convenience. Also hugely impressive might I add!

I'm using the face & eye creme, the facial scrub, skin food and the body creme. These products have changed my life. I have tried most high end organic brands and Honey Girl Organics is the cleanest and by far the best. My beautiful mum can't wait to try this line and I even suggested the skin food to my dad for his severely dry skin.

I am excited to try the other products.

Emma J. Purvey
Actress and Print Model


I am a natural beauty product 'junkie' - I love to try new things, and I rarely find something I like enough for repeat purchase.  That said, I WILL be repurchasing Honey Girl products.  I'm 45 with fair skin, some sun damage and a few fine broken capillaries - my skin tends toward dry and sensitive, although my T-zone can get greasy.  I use the toner, extra sensitive face and eye cream, the night cream, and sometimes the face wash. 

The toner smells fresh and really does seem to minimize my capillaries - it is not over-astringent, and the ingredients provide such great "food" for the skin (just like the creams).  The creams also smell clean and fresh, and although at first  you might think they are greasy, they soak in and leave your skin soft and glowy.  They smooth on better if your face is a bit damp with toner.  The cleanser is an oil cleanser, so it feels greasy going on, but once wiped clean with a washcloth and patted dry, again it leaves your skin soft and glowy - you may not even need extra moisture.

It is rare to find clean and pure products that "do the job."  I've used many toners that are drying or sticky or leave a film (yes, all natural!).  I've used many natural creams that are far too light, leave a sticky finish, and/or seem to sit on the skin a greasy layer.  Used the right way (not too heavy-handed), Honey Girl products seem to get soaked right up, and like I've said, the end result is SOFT & GLOWY with fewer broken capillaries showing and tighter pores.  Even my husband notices my skin and uses the words 'younger looking.'  That's saying something!

Lauren Picciani


Interesting Newsletter and thank you Mark. . .  

TThe Honey Girl Facial Cleanser is Wonderful.   I was a customer of a particular distributor for 34 years.  Every day for 34 years I cleansed my face with its Extra Emollient Cleanser.  Obviously, perfect for my skin and even better it removed mascara with ease.  It kept my skin hydrated all day and the one product I could never do and was never without.  

THEN RECENTLY THE COMPANY DISCONTINUED that product.  My distributor in distress but me in a dilemma.   .   .! 

Consider that I have attributed my youthful 50's decade skin to this product.  Did it?  Who knows but finding another product became a PROJECT. 


The hunt began.   Believe it, I tested the consistency of practically every facial cleansing product on the market from the least to the most expensive.  Organic and not to no avail.  Most popular to unknown.  All were either too whipped, creamy, drying, had an odor, tons of chemicals, sticky, AND WORSE none removed mascara (makeup)!


Then leaving my local Health Food Store recently, I noticed your TESTER of Honey Girl Cleanser at the register.  I was instantly distracted by its pretty bottle and the word HONEY.  I use honey for homemade facials and know of its other benefits.  BUT ---> EVEN BETTER the label also read MAKEUP REMOVER!


Is this a Dream-Come-True?


I put some onto all over my hand and yelped to the cashier "I FOUND IT - I FOUND THE RIGHT ONE".  It's the right consistency, there's no scent. . .it's hydrating, it's organic.  OMG it takes off makeup too!  I was so excited he even tried some .  He had ONE BOTTLE - I bought it. 


I'm thrilled - THANK YOU.  I am excited to receive your other products I ordered online.


HONEY you are my new line of products for another 34-years and I am now one of your GIRLS.


New York

Honey Girl Organics Testimonial UnknowI live in northern Minnesota, where the last few days temps have dipped as low as 24 degrees below zero. With wood heat, fair skin & sub zero temps every drop of moisture is depleted from the air & my skin!!!

I have only been using Honey Girl products for 1 week now, but know completely that I have struck gold!!

The body butter is truly paradise in a jar. It worked so well on my dry, cracked hands and did not sting or burn like other creams on the market. The light scent is truly divine and not overpowering at all. Honey Girl body butter will now be my protective cocoon for the cold winter months.

It worked so well on me, with absolutely no irritation, that I used it on my 2 year old daughter. Her sweet baby skin was so dry, red and itchy. Nothing seemed to work very well at all until I used the body butter on her. After each bath now I say "Do you want me to make you a Honey Girl?" She absolutely loves it! Her skin looks 100% normal now. Plus, being all natural and organic I know it is safe for her, which as a mom, is very important to me.

So thank you for such superior products. I am truly grateful. Now we can experience some of natures finest ingredients from a beautiful paradise every day!!!

Jessica SuggI have had extremely dry skin all my life. I’ve tried all kinds of face and body creams, from your basic drug store brands to very expensive specialty products. The majority of these products, regardless of how heavy or rich they were, did hardly anything to moisturize my skin...especially during the cold winters when my skin tends to get visibly flaky. In fact, some of the more expensive products irritated my skin because of all the intense chemicals.

So imagine my delighted surprise when I tried Honey Girl Organics products for the first time, and they were actually able to penetrate my dry skin! The Body Crème makes my skin feel so soft and smooth...and it even leaves a slight shine behind. I found myself just touching my skin all day the first time I used it. Now, I was one of those girls with soft skin that I’d always been jealous of :)

The Face and Eye Crème has worked great as an everyday base for my makeup. It prevents the most dry areas of my face (nose, chin, forehead) from appearing flaky, and it’s holding up even as it gets colder.

I never thought there was hope for my skin looking and feeling so incredibly hydrated! Who knew that the most effective product could be all-natural and organic?!

Thanks Honey Girl Organics,

Jessica Sugg
Advertising Executive
San Francisco, CA

I tried the face and eye cream, thanks to my sister in law-who recommended it. I immediately became addicted and could see a difference! My skin is very sensitive and breaks out easily. I'm 32 and pretty fair. I was becoming very worried and frustrated with all the anti-aging products I tried out for the past couple of years. Nothing seemed to work, caused breakouts, or just plain ole buring. I've been using this cream for about 6 weeks now and have not had any problems. My pores are looking smaller, my skin is becoming more even-toned, and just glowing. I love this stuff. It's the best ever. I'll never buy another face cream besides Honey Girl, ever. Thanks so much for making such and awesome product!

Honey Girl Organics Testimonials Latrice BowlerI have been using Honey Girl Organics for about 4 months now. I've tried the body butter, the face and eye cream, and also the hand and cuticle cream. So far I've enjoyed each product that i've used. I use the face and eye cream daily and it definitely makes a difference. Normally I have really dry skin and it would sometimes feel uncomfortable after showering because the water would make my skin even worse. When I apply the Honey Girl after showering, my skin feels much more silky and the face cream gives my face a natural glow without looking too oily. I love this product and will continue to be a customer for years to come.

Latrice Bowler
Student/Teacher's Assistant
Concord, CA

Honey Girl Organics Testimonial by Jeff MaxfieldIt's not as thick and greasy as pomade, not as crunchy as gel so it's a nice mix. It leaves your hair shiny and you can style it but it doesn't feel jacked up like gel.

It's also great on my body. It makes my skin feel good and gives it a nice glow. Now that it's getting cold, it's great for chapped lips too.

Jeff Maxfield
Engineering student
Lafayette, CA


corinnaI have been using the Honey Girl Products with great satisfaction. The Cuticle Cream disappears the cuticle on my nails without my having to push and cut them at the manicurist, while the cuticle at my nail bed becomes soft and supple. The Face and Eye Cream is luxurious on my skin. Pores become smaller and my skin absolutely shines with youthful vitality.

Your products feel so good. My skin drinks in the Cream as though it's been thirsty for this exact product and I just didn't know.

Thank you Honey Girl!

Corinna Makris-Winter

I have fairly oily combination skin so I was a little skeptical when my mom recommended such a rich product, but since I've been using Honey Girl my skin has looked better than it ever has. I've been using the Face and Eye Crème, Night Crème and Cleanser and I can't wait to try the rest of the line. Not only is my skin now silky and soft, but the occasional breakouts I used to deal with are completely gone. If I see one starting to form I put more Honey Girl on and it goes right away.

Virtually all my skin problems have been fixed by these products; it's neither too oily nor too dry, my scars are fading and the small wrinkles that were developing around my eyes and forehead are starting to diminish.

I don't think I can say enough about what this line has done for my skin. I look forward to using them every morning and every night. The beautiful packaging and pure organic ingredients make them such a pleasure to use, but the results are what has me really thrilled. I would recommend Honey Girl to anyone and I will certainly be back for more.

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